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Tips for Booking Vacation Rentals in Cartagena for Bachelor Parties and More

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Welcome to Elite Cartagena! If you're planning to celebrate a bachelor party or a guys trip in Cartagena, we're here to help make your trip a success. Here are some important things you need to know before renting a vacation rental in Cartagena.

First, if you're interested in renting a villa or vacation rental in Cartagena, it's best to avoid sites like Airbnb. Unauthorized "brokers" have taken to these platforms, making the search confusing and messy. We, at GoElite LLC, have actual relationships with the owners of these villas, and we can help you save money by renting the villa for the actual nightly rate without any unnecessary fees.

To book a rental, simply reach out to us with the link of the villa you're interested in and the exact dates. We'll check in with the owner to confirm availability and send you a rental agreement to review and digitally sign through Hellosign. You'll receive an invoice from PayPal, where you can pay for the property with your preferred credit card. The only additional fee you'll see on the invoice is the 2.9 percent PayPal charges as a processing fee. Once the invoice and agreement have been reviewed and completed, we move forward to secure the reservation, and you'll be notified by email and text.

For those planning a bachelor party or a guys trip, you should know that most owners of villas do not rent to all-male groups. If you need help navigating this issue, we have VIP access to most of the great vacation rentals that do allow us all-male groups due to our years of great work together. Feel free to reach out directly to us for assistance.

When booking a villa, be sure to ask if unregistered guests are allowed, and if so, are there any restrictions, entry/exit times, capacity, identification, or extra costs associated with inviting in unregistered guests. Also, inquire about any restrictions on noise levels, including specific times of the day, hiring a DJ with pro sound, additional cost for bringing in a DJ, and the sound system provided. Finally, it's essential to understand the damages/deposit policy. Ask how the deposit is collected, whether it's cash or cc authorization/pesos or dollars. Report any damages promptly, take pictures of any damaged items or things, and inquire about the quantity of towels you are responsible for.

Be aware that most villas have cameras covering the open common spaces, lobby, and entrance. Ask about the camera's location and request that all content be deleted permanently unless there is an official police investigation. Also, ask who will be on the property, as there will be a live-in employee placed there by the owner to ensure the rules are being followed.

For your safety, it's best to avoid renting properties listed as 'located in middle class neighborhood or in a traditional neighborhood.' Instead, stay in one of the recommended neighborhoods, including Center: Walled City (old city) and Getsemani, Manga, Bocagrande (new city and by the beach), Castillo Grande, or Crespo. Our recommendation is to stay in the old city or Getsemani.

We hope you found this information valuable. Don't forget that we are here to help with vacation rentals, yacht/boat charters, and concierge services. Enjoy your epic trip and stay young! Contact us at or via WhatsApp at +1.516.493.6070.

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