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Getsemani is a vibrant and lively neighborhood in the historic center of Cartagena de Indias, a picturesque coastal city on the northern coast of Colombia. With its colorful streets, lively bars and restaurants, and rich history, Getsemani is the perfect destination for travelers who want to experience the authentic side of Cartagena.

Getsemani is the art district of Cartagena and offers a truly incredible cultural experience. Live music on every corner, live performances, and artists all over expressing their art, make it an incredibly stimulating environment. The colorful buildings, with their vibrant hues of red, blue, yellow, and green, are a reflection of the neighborhood's rich history and cultural heritage.

One of the best things about Getsemani is its location. It is part of the historic center of Cartagena, and is just as safe as the walled city. In fact, it is less than a 10-minute walk from the famous clock tower, one of the most iconic landmarks of the city. This makes it easy to explore the rest of the city and visit popular attractions like the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas and the Plaza de los Coches.

One of the best ways to explore Getsemani is on foot. Stroll through the narrow, cobblestone streets and take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the neighborhood. You'll find a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and bars, as well as beautiful plazas and parks. Be sure to visit Plaza de la Trinidad, a beautiful square in the heart of Getsemani, where you can relax and people-watch.

Getsemani's vibrant nightlife is not to be missed. The neighborhood is home to many bars and clubs, which come alive at night with music and dancing. If you're looking for a lively atmosphere, be sure to visit Cafe Havana, a popular bar and restaurant that serves delicious cocktails and food.

Another must-see attraction in Getsemani is the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, a massive fortress that was built by the Spanish in the 16th century. The fortress offers stunning views of the city and the surrounding region, and is a great place to learn about the history of Cartagena.

No trip to Getsemani would be complete without trying some of the delicious local cuisine. The neighborhood is known for its seafood, which is fresh and flavorful. Be sure to try dishes like ceviche and fried fish, which are popular in the region.

Overall, Getsemani is a vibrant and exciting neighborhood that offers something for everyone. Whether you're looking for lively nightlife, delicious food, or rich history, you'll find it all in Getsemani. So why not add it to your travel itinerary the next time you visit Cartagena de Indias? You won't be disappointed!

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